Business Signage: The Most Inexpensive Way to Promote Your Store


Hanging blade sign brackets are always a great choice – even for the windy city!

When you’re trying to advertise your business, it is imperative that you do so without shredding your budget, especially if yours is a startup venture. There are alternatives to expensive set ups and overdone advertising styles – the best advertising is simple. Too cheap can be a problem though; you must shoot for elegance and durability. Custom signs that hang outside of your store are a great way to promote your business. They are also relatively cheap and even a long term investment if you choose the right sign company; for less than two hundred fifty dollars you can have a fantastic sign to boost your sales and make your business look professional and well put together. Here’s what to do and how to do it under budget.

PVC Sign Blank

PVC Sign Blank are impervious to moisture.

Step 1: Pick a style.

First, you are going to need a sign. Choose carefully – wooden signs are nice, but they are not immune to the elements. They crack and warp, and they may even crumble or peel away after time. You need something made from plastic or better yet, from cellular PVC, which offers light weight and durable signage. The style can be as fancy as you’d like, but again, the best advertising is eye catching because it is simple and often nostalgic. An oval PVC sign offers both of these suggestions to the potential customers, and they vary in price and size to suit your needs or your budget. Keeping within the $250 budget, you could choose a 26x17in. PVC oval sign for $62.

Milano Sign Bracket

The Milano Blade Sign Bracket shown with 26″ x 17″ Oval Sign

Step 2: Choose a hanger.

Next, you’re going to need something to hang your sign on. Since you are advertising that “yes, my awesome store is here,” you might want to hang your custom sign outside of your business. A 30” Milano Arch Hanging Blade sign bracket is a great accessory for hanging your sign by the door. It’s a classic call to the old fashioned cast iron hangings that existed in the past. The arm is thirty inches from end to end and is fourteen inches at the arch underneath it. The black powder finish lends to the vintage feel that the arch provides. The Milano Arch comes with a pre-drilled mounting bracket to screw into the wall or any (at least 3” wide) flat post and costs as little as $99.85. For our budget this brings the total to $161.85.


Proper sign hardware guarantees flawless installation.

Step 3: Hang it up!

Finally, you’ve got to actually hang the sign to the arch, so a hardware kit is a necessary investment. Since your sign isn’t very heavy, a medium duty wall bracket hardware kit will do. These are relatively cheap and incredibly sturdy. It comes with two eye hooks to screw into the sign board, four “S” hooks that are for hanging the chain from the arch to the sign, and of course the chain; this chain is long enough and designed to cut into two equal pieces of about three to four inches long. This hardware is inexpensive as well – $17.85 will get you this kit. The grand total of your sign blank and its components is $179.70. What a deal for such a classy advertisement!

There is of course, one more expense, especially if you’ve decided to shop with an online sign company – shipping. The calculated shipping costs could vary, but the estimated cost is about $30. Add that to the total cost of your sign and hardware and you have exactly what you asked for: a fashionable, sturdy advertisement for a low, start-up friendly cost. Happy hanging!

*Please note: Current rates shown. Shipping/product rates at the time of order placement will be applied to all purchases. For quotes prior to ordering supplies, visit our website or call toll free for a quote (1-888-919-7446).

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