How to Install Business Sign Brackets on a Wall

Blade sign brackets like this Milano can be mounted on any flat surface with proper hardware.

Blade sign brackets like this Milano style can be mounted on any flat surface with proper hardware.

Commercial signage is vital to a business.  Unless yours has so much work it couldn’t possible take on any more, you are probably trying to attract more customers.  An attractive sign placed in the perfect spot increases a business’s visibility, helps improve sales, and will bring more traffic through the door.   With a wide variety of styles available, you’re sure to find a sign bracket to fit your company perfectly.  The Napoli Lower Scroll Sign Bracket is a great choice for a business projecting an elegant old world feel, while the Montamar Channel Sign Bracket gives off a much more modern vibe.

While the need for a great sign is clear, how to install sign brackets can be a little more complicated, so we thought we would share a few tips on the best ways to install business sign brackets.

Drive 3" lag bolts through the pre-drilled holes of the backplate.

For Most Installations: Drive 3″ lag bolts through the pre-drilled holes of the backplate

How to mount your sign bracket

Brackets ordered from Sign Bracket Store do not include mounting hardware.  This allows customers to find the right combination of screws, lag bolts, or other anchors to match the surface the bracket will be installed on.  A general rule of thumb says screws or bolts used to mount a bracket should be at least 3″ long.  Longer anchors may be needed for some surfaces or for heavier bracket and sign combinations.

With 4x4 mounting plates, this channel bracket is a super easy install!

With 4×4 mounting plates, this channel bracket is a super easy install!

If you have any questions about how to install sign brackets please contact us for assistance.  Choosing the right combination of mounting hardware is very important and will help ensure that your sign stays where it’s supposed to, on the side of your building.

Speaking of the mounting surface, commercial signage can be installed on nearly any surface, although there are some special considerations when installing a bracket on a masonry wall.  Be sure to avoid screwing anchors into the mortar joints between bricks even if you need to drill new holes in the mounting plates to do so.  These joints are not nearly as solid as brick and screwing anchors into them could lead to problems down the road.

Custom brackets for tricky installations

Most of the brackets available from the Sign Bracket Store like the Milano Arch hanging Blade Sign Bracket can handle signs weighing up to 30 pounds.  While this will accommodate most commercial signage, if you need a bracket to handle more weight, be sure to get in touch.  The same goes if you plan to install a sign in an exceptionally windy area.  In these situations we are able to custom manufacture sign brackets that will safely meet your needs.  Our ability to construct custom business sign brackets allows us to meet the needs of even the most unique installations and city demands.  Along with building brackets for heavier signs we can also adjust the size of mounting plates, finish them in custom colors or customize the spacing of the holes in the mounting plate.

For more information about wall mounted sign brackets or how to install them, please call us at 888-919-7446 Mon-Fri.

*Please note: All installation instructions are intended as general guidelines only. Sign Bracket Store recommends hiring a licensed contractor for all installations as building/site requirements may vary.


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