The Classic Way to Improve Signage using Ceiling Mounted Sign Brackets

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Sign Tip: The most effective directional signage is mounted above the crowd! Photo Credit: Flickr


Use sign hardware to hang menu boards behind the register to keep long lines moving and customers happy. Photo Credit: HauteLiving

Try Ceiling Mount Sign HoldersCeiling mounted sign brackets are 6-12” brackets that come with a channel in them that will hold 1/8” or 1/4” thick signs. They will hold substrate or even PVC sign blanks, so customizing them to fit your store’s needs is fairly simple. The hardware kit that comes with this has pre-drilled holes for easy installation. In addition, the sign holders can be used to hang signs from the ceiling, or even to mount them on the wall so that they perhaps hang above the door to announce presence.

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Sandblasted sign supported with two stainless steel chains. Photo Credit: Flickr

Using a Sign Hanger and a Chain – Sign hangers are very cheap and very effective. They are aluminum clips in them with holes for attaching screws to your signs and holes to hook to an “S” link or a length of stainless steel chain. The chain is sold as a separate product, but is relatively inexpensive and even easier to install. Simply screw the sign into the little bracket, and then affix the chain to the holes in the top of the clip. Voila! You now have your own indoor hanging sign.

Spring for a Ceiling Arch Bracket – If what you are looking for is more “chic” and less “industry”, then you might try a 40” Haiku Arch.

This ceiling mounted sign bracket is a great choice for the oval PVC sign blanks and other kinds of hanging signs. It mounts from the ceiling on 4×4 back plates and the haiku arch is made with a two inch stainless steel bar. The black powder coat finish is a nice, classy touch for any business.Hanging a sign is a great way to grab attention and save on floor space. There are many businesses that use wall or ceiling mounted signs to mark their hallways, bathrooms and conference rooms.

If you need a sign inside your store, you can’t go wrong hanging it from the ceiling. You can be sure it will communicate the message you want and produce great results.

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