Improving Nighttime Visibility of Signage with the Use of Sign Lights

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Large angle shades illuminate the TrueNorth sign.

Whether your clients are driving down a darkened highway or walking through a busy urban city at night, it’s imperative that they’re able to see your business’s signage during evening hours.

Your sign provides new customers with the first impression they will make about your company. Signs are a branding tool used to help current customers instantly recognize your business. It doesn’t matter how large your organization is – whether you’re running a national restaurant chain or an independent book store, it’s vital that lots of thought and planning goes into your sign’s design.

Unfortunately, some companies ignore the importance of their sign once business begins to roll in. A sign that is weather-worn or scratched implies a lack of professionalism. Worse yet, a non-illuminated sign may as well be invisible once the sun goes down.

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Gooseneck lights also make once dark alleys a safe place to walk at night.

The nighttime visibility of your sign can be improved thanks to outdoor lighting. Various outdoor lighting products and sign lights can highlight your business’s presence all through the night. First, the aluminum Contemporary Sign Light PAR20 (120V) Gooseneck Arm comes with a 30, 36, or 48 inch arm. At the end of the arm is a standard medium base socket that will fit a PAR20 lamp. It is available in over one dozen colors to perfectly complement your sign’s surroundings.

Our dual lamped sign lighter is a very durable aluminum piece ideal for adding extra brightness to your sign (or even your entire storefront). Its arm also comes in three varying sizes: 30, 36, or 48 inches. With the multiple color options, you can let this light blend in with your building, or choose a color that will further accent your sign. A MR16 2-pin bulb is included with this light.

Along with creating illuminated signage, the Straight Arm Sleek and Modern Spotlight has also been used by curators to light works of art in galleries; ready for 120V installs. Doesn’t your company’s sign deserve the same treatment? This sign light has been designed with subtlety in mind.

If you’re looking for bright under-lighting, then the T5 Fluorescent Sign Light is the answer. Its lens is made from a clear acrylic for brilliant illumination. With this sign light, you won’t need to worry about inclement weather; it’s built to withstand rain, ice, and snow.

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Sleek & Modern for Fish 101 on Historic Coast HWY

Your company’s sign is a beacon that needs to shine no matter what time of day or night it is. When it’s brightly lit, your customers will appreciate your professionalism and be able to recognize you as the brand they have come to trust.


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