Why You Should Accent Your Architectural Signage with Gooseneck Lights

Do you want your commercial signage to stand out? Gooseneck lighting offers an ideal solution. These fixtures come in many styles. What each design has in common is the long, curved arm, which allows you to easily illuminate signs, window displays, and awnings.

If you need to jazz up the front of a commercial property, learn more about our classic gooseneck lights, and find out why you should use these fixtures to accent your architectural signage.

Choose Gooseneck Lights for a Practical Lighting Solution

Decorating or renovating a commercial space brings many challenges; this includes choosing the right lighting. Gooseneck lighting can help simplify this process, thanks to these advantages:

  • Easy installation and placement
  • Durable designs with protective coating
  • Draws more attention to commercial signs
  • Adds light to awnings, patios, and entrances
  • Custom ordering to meet your specific needs

These fixtures are typically wall mounted, either indoors or outdoors. The curved arm extends the bulb away from the wall. The light can then be directed toward the sign or storefront.

The type of shade used with the light fixture can also help direct light. For example, the 10-inch angle shade sign light is perfect for illuminating signs or awnings. Be sure to compare shade designs when shopping for lighting.

All Sign Bracket Store light fixtures are made in the USA, using quality aluminum, copper, or brass. A powder coating protects against weather. Wire guards and cast guards are also available for added protection.

Custom ordering is also available, with fast turnaround on all orders. Whether you need the arm to be a specific length or you need a larger shade, contact us for custom lighting solutions.

Ensure Your Signage Gets Noticed

During the evening and night, when people are traveling home, you want your signs to be seen. This is one of the main benefits of adding gooseneck lights.

By pairing your architectural sign brackets with these light fixtures, you can easily light up your signs. You also get better control over the direction of the light compared to ceiling lights. And your new lights should be suitable for highlighting any of your existing signs.

If you want to ensure that your message is seen 24/7, add a photocell sensor. The sensor turns the light on at dusk and off at dawn, giving you round-the-clock advertising.

Bring More Illumination to Your Awnings

Gooseneck light fixtures also work well with awnings. You can add more light to patios and entrances.

By adding several lights, such as the sleek 12-inch emblem shade gooseneck, you can bring even more light outdoors. Though these lights are also suitable for use in virtually any setting, including both indoor and outdoor installation. These gooseneck lights are durable enough for commercial use as well as any residential application. Plus this extra light can help people find your business and improve security, and it makes for a more attractive storefront.

Use Directional Bullet Lights for Strategic Lighting

Along with gooseneck lighting, the Sign Bracket Store offers other lighting solutions.

Options, such as our 120V modern directional bullet sign lighter, feature a straight arm instead of curved. A sleek, low-profile design places the focus on your sign not the light. This style works well with modern architectural sign brackets and décor.

The use of bullet lights offers more control over the direction of the lighting. After mounting the fixture near your sign brackets, simply point the lights in the desired direction.

For more illumination, without adding extra fixtures, we offer a straight-arm directional double bullet sign lighter. Two adjustable bullet lights are connected at the end of the arm, and independently point the bullet lighting to highlight your signage.

How to Choose the Right Fixtures for Your Sign Brackets

At the end of the day, without exterior lighting, your signage is left in the dark.

Whether you decide to go with gooseneck lights or directional bullet lights, you have a wide assortment of options. Whatever lighting option you choose, it will instantly boost the effectiveness of your outdoor advertising, and without having to order new signage. To choose the right fixtures for your space, consider the following:

  • Start by considering where the lights will be placed. You might use the light to highlight your outdoor signage, brighten a window display, or illuminate your awning.
  • Depending on the intended focal point, you may benefit from ordering a set of lights. Several lights, strategically positioned along a wall, can help highlight a larger area.
  • Additional lighting can also be ordered with your choice of lamp – including INC, CFL, MH, or HPS lamping.
  • The curved arm of gooseneck light fixtures work well with almost any décor – from classic to contemporary. Though, you should still consider all available lighting options before making a decision.
  • Many of our lights offer optional shades, arms, and finishes. If you have trouble finding the right option, the lights can be built to meet your specifications.

Begin your search for quality lighting from the Sign Bracket Store.

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