Address Plaques and Decorative Signage that Dad will Love

The older I get, the more practical I become about gifts. Instead of asking for fun and frivolous things like I did in my younger years, nowadays I’m asking for things like socks and underwear. But when a gift can be fun and functional? Now that’s a winner. Decorative signs are the perfect unexpected gift for Father’s Day that add a personal touch Dad is sure to love.

Address Plaques

For an understated and elegant piece, address plaques are a fabulous option. Most plaques are completely customizable, so you can add multiple lines of text, including name, slogan, or address. Of all the residential signage options, address plaques provide the most room for text and information. This estate square address plaque even comes in 18 finishes and colors, so you’ll be sure to find something to fit your father’s style and personality. Address plaques can be mounted directly to the wall or placed on stakes in the yard, making the address marker easier to see from the street.

It's easy to play up the look of this stately colonial with the simple addition of this white address sign.

It’s easy to play up the look of this stately colonial with the simple addition of this white address sign.

Hanging Signs

A hanging address sign is a statement piece that adds to the architectural details of a home and makes is sure that everyone knows where your dad lives. Hanging signs can be rather large, so make sure there is room in the yard unimpeded from trees and large shrubs. Find a hanging sign that matches the style and feel of your dad’s home-a sleek modern sign just doesn’t fit with a rustic cabin. A classic option is this craftsman style address sign. Make sure to choose a sign post that is durable and that will withstand the elements, such as one made out from PVC or composite materials. Keep in mind that most hanging signs only have room for the house number, but a fun hanging sign for the father on the golf course is this golf tee marker post that is sure to bring a smile to your dad’s face.

Address Signs

A classic double-posted address sign is less obstructive that a hanging sign, but still provides the style and information of its counterpart. Because address signs are lower to the ground, they can work with most landscaping and yard designs. This classic white double post address sign will match most home styles and requires just two posts in the yard. The sturdy materials make it strong against year-round elements. Address signs can be personalized with different colors and finishes on the plaque, which can also be expanded to include more information.

No matter what style you choose, a decorative address sign is a great gift for the dad who has everything. You are sure to make your dad’s day as you spruce up his curb appeal with an eye-catching piece.

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