The Benefits of Business Sign Security and Anti-Theft Hardware

Is the theft of signs a concern for you or your customers? If you work in the signage and lighting industry, then you have probably dealt with clients seeking replacements for stolen signage. The simple truth is that some people enjoy stealing signs with catchy or famous names. For example, signs with names like Blue Jay Way and Penny Lane are more likely to get stolen due to their associations with famous songs. This is an inconvenience and can create a potentially dangerous situation – in the event of stolen safety signs. Luckily, you can provide your customers with sign hardware that is specifically designed to help prevent theft and vandalism.

By offering your customers business sign security, you help ensure their satisfaction and show that you have their best interests in mind.

A Variety of Anti-Theft Solutions With Quality Sign Hardware

Our latest line of sign hardware includes an array of products designed to prevent the theft of signs – including business signage and street signs. These nuts, bolts, rivets, and caps, are all easy enough for anyone to install. Browse our selection of sign hardware to get a complete look at all of our street sign security solutions.

Street Sign Hardware

Take a look at some of the benefits of using our street sign security and anti-theft hardware – including the following 6 options:

  • 3 pack square tapered nut
  • Aluminum break away nuts
  • Stainless steel button head bolts
  • Drive rivet with nylon washer
  • 3 in. round closure cap
  • 3 in. round street sign cap

Security Nuts

The 3 Pack Square Tapered Nut, available in 3 sizes, has sloped sides that make it impossible for tools to get a grip. Additionally, these security nuts can easily be removed and reused. Another option for security nuts is our aluminum break away nuts, which are sold in pairs and available in 2 sizes. These nuts are tightened the same as any standard nut, but the non threaded hex portion breaks away, leaving only a cone – which does not provide any surface for tools to grip. Break away nuts also help prevent over tightening the nut which sometimes results in bending in the signage.

Sign Security Hardware - Square Tapered Nut (3 sizes)

Sign Security Hardware – Square Tapered Nut (3 sizes)

Sign Security Hardware - Square Tapered Nut - Tightened for security.

Sign Security Hardware – Square Tapered Nut

Bolts and Washer Hardware

We also have stainless steel socket button head bolts, available in 3 sizes and sold in pairs. These pin hex bolts install like a normal hex bolt, but have a small pin in the center that stops tools from being able to remove the screws. In order to install and remove bolts, a matching security hex key tool (sold separately), is required.

Another secure option is the one-time use drive rivet with nylon washer. These rivets are sold in pairs and are available in aluminum or steel. Used for securing signs that will not need to be taken down in the near future, the rivet body expands after installing, making it difficult to remove the sign.

Security Caps

Security caps, for the top of sign posts or street sign security, are easily installed. For signposts, we have a 3 in. round closure cap, available in 2 finishes, that keeps water and debris from building inside of the post – causing rust and unsightly weeds. To give your street signs additional protection, use the 3 in. round street sign cap in either a mill or natural finish. These sign caps adds a solid base to street signs to prevent damage and theft.

Using security hardware, signs are more protected against theft – which is something that everyone can benefit from. Provide your customers with helpful security options to limit the chances of their signs getting stolen. Be sure to take a look at our complete selection of anti-theft sign hardware.

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