Attract Customers with the Best Sign Brackets for Your Business Signs

Commercial signs are used to grab people’s attention. Though, this works best when you have an attractive display. By taking the time to find the best sign bracket for your indoor or outdoor signs, you can boost curb appeal and bring in more foot traffic. Here are a few tips to help you select a sign bracket that best accents your custom business sign.

Choose a Bracket That Matches Your Style

Selecting a sign bracket system that works with your custom signage starts with the style. As you start looking at sign brackets, you’ll notice a variety of designs. This includes brackets with intricate scrollwork, along with modern geometric designs. The scrollwork can be eye-catching, but straight lines and geometric designs may match a modern business better. Picture your custom sign inside the brackets and decide whether the look fits with the image that you want to present to the public.

Elegant and Classy Scroll Sign Brackets

In addition to the overall design and style of the bracket, you’ll want to consider the shape of your sign.

  • A rectangular sign will look awkward when placed in a bracket with a curved arm.
  • For oval-shaped signs, consider this 30-inch Milano hanging blade sign bracket. It has a simple curve with a small amount of scroll work to catch the eye.

  • The arch of the arm works well with oval and rounded signs. Matching the arch of the bracket arm to your sign makes the display more aesthetically pleasing.
  • With a square or rectangular sign, this 30-inch Torino Elite blade sign bracket works better. It also features some scrolls and curls but has a straight arm.

Scrollwork has a classic or traditional look that is great for a variety of businesses. And since you can find scroll sign brackets with curved or straight arms, they can work with different sign shapes. However, some may prefer a more modern style sign bracket.

Durable and Modern Metal Sign Brackets

We offer a wide selection of architectural sign brackets with modern designs. These include the Bel Largo Single Fixed Sign Bracket. This bracket system features two straight arms, with a boxed frame to hold to the rectangular sign. This is just one example, as there are other sizes available to fit your custom commercial signage.

You have many geometric and modern metal sign brackets to explore. These designs will reflect the forward-thinking nature of your business, while also creating a bold display.

Lighted Hanging Sign Brackets for Nighttime Viewing

Another option is lighted hanging sign brackets, which can illuminate your custom signs 24/7. These lighted brackets include classic and modern designs, including the lighted version of the 30-inch Milano fixed sign bracket. This design still features the same elegant scrollwork of the original design, and includes two light fixtures. Light fixtures are fixed on both sides of the bracket, so passersby can see your sign from either direction.

Indoor and Outdoor Designs for Any Setting

It is easy to focus on the exterior displays for your business, since these signs help bring more people into your establishment. But, indoor signage can improve overall guest or customer satisfaction. Hanging directional signs and other information displays are especially useful for large businesses or public buildings. And with our light-duty hanging brackets, you can hang displays anywhere inside your location.

For outdoor use, you’ll enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a secure bracket system. When properly installed, these brackets will keep your signs in place, even in severe weather. From modern metal brackets to scroll sign brackets, all choices are designed to last. They are made from durable materials and coated with a black powder finish to protect against rust.

Start Planning Your New Hanging Display

You have many sign bracket options to choose from. Here’s a basic overview of how to choose the right sign bracket for your sign:

  1. Start with the design of the brackets. Choose from classic and traditional or modern styles. These signs will reflect your business and should fit with your general image.
  2. After choosing a style, consider the shape of your sign. You should try to find a bracket system with an arm that closely matches your sign, and is professional and visually pleasing. You can find hanging blade sign brackets with a curved arm for oval or round signs. There are brackets with straight arms for square or rectangular signs.
  3. You should also compare the arm length to the width of your sign. Measure your sign and compare options or request a custom bracket.
  4. With the style, shape, and size of the bracket system, you can now narrow down your choices and find the perfect fit!

Get Started Now!

Start shopping dozens of quality brackets for signs of all shapes and sizes. Or, contact us for a custom sign bracket order.

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