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City Beautification Ideas for an Eye-Catching Downtown

City beautification is important for a variety of reasons: not only does it make a downtown area and city streets and centers more welcoming to the community, but it also increases tourism, has a positive affect on property values, and has been linked to a decreased crime rate. Urban planning and development often includes looking […]

Easily Change Seasonal Banners with Banner Bracket Systems

Changing your commercial signage and banners each season helps your business stand out. These signs can display sales, events, historical markers, or even directional information. But, if you want to display new signs every few months, it helps to have the right bracket system. In this post, we discuss how the best banner brackets make […]

Use Old World Charm to Create a New Sign

When you think of wrought iron, you probably think of fencing and decorations from turn-of-the-century Europe, with its cobblestone roads, gas lights and streets lined with small stores and shops. Those establishments also used wrought iron, most likely as decoration and as part of the store’s sign. Iron was an ideal material for use since […]

7 Amazing Benefits of Lighted Sign Brackets for Your Business

Attract more attention with the help of lighted sign brackets. Signage with integrated lighting provides a cost-effective solution for enhancing the exterior of your business. You can create eye-catching displays or let people know that you’re open for business. These lighted sign brackets are commonly used to draw the eye to commercial signage. They also […]

Beautify City Streets with Trapeze Banner Brackets

Beautifully taut and wrinkle-free banners don’t happen by accident: they require the right hardware. Enter the trapeze bracket: a style of banner bracket with a built-in tensioning system to keep banners taut and prevent them from bowing. Made of a two-tiered system of bars made of commercial-grade powder-coated iron, they are built to last for […]

Unique New Bracket Designs That Grab Attention

Think of your outdoor display on your storefront or business as your first meeting with your customers. Anytime you meet a prospective client, you try to look your best, and your commercial outdoor signs and displays should be no different. Decorative outdoor sign brackets go a long way in adding charm and personality to your outdoor signage.