Bad Wayfinding Signs? Those Who Wander May Be Lost.

The quote “Those who wander may be lost” is sort of a misnomer. The line should read: “Those who wander in the mall may be lost. Bad wayfinding signs are a blow to your business if you’re stuck in a strip mall or a crowded business area, sharing a building, or even just a parking lot.

Example: Your soap business, Antoinette’s Bathhouse, is stuck down a hallway in a mall where there are other closed storefronts. The directional signage at the front of the hall hasn’t been updated since you’ve been there – a paltry couple of months. Where are all of your regular customers that you had before you moved? Where is all the new traffic you expected from the mall?

That’s right; they aren’t coming because they can’t find you. Wayfinding signage systems that are neglected can damage your revenue but you can take matters into your own hands.

Noticeable Signage for Small Business

Since you may or may not be able to hang anything from anywhere except the front of your shop, you would consider a standing sign as your alternative. For your situation you’d want something a little fancy, but not pocket breaking and definitely with an arrow on it so your customers can find their way.

Don't let your business go unnoticed because of confusing wayfinding signs. Be clear, and install them in high-traffic, visible areas.

Don’t let your business go unnoticed because of confusing wayfinding signs.
Be clear, and install them in high-traffic, visible areas.

A slip over sign system is the answer. The decorative slip over sign system comes with an 18×24 decorative sign holder, an eight foot aluminum post, and a sturdy base. It’s tall enough to be seen and when you place your sign, customers will recognize your pink bubbles and bathtub logo right away; then the arrow will point them right at you. If you’re making the slow trod towards branding, consider adding a waterjet silhouette bathtub at the top for the piece de résistance. Next month your sales are over what you projected and you’re in the money.

Solving Problems with Wayfinding Signs

Now let’s pretend that your wayfinding signage system works great until the gentleman that grooms dogs moves into another empty space down a different hall. People have been bringing you Pomeranians for a cut and curl all week, and you foresee a problem. The directional signage is perfect but now it’s confusing people and sending the wrong ones your way.

The solution here is a Torino slip over double arm. This is a great piece with scroll work at the top and just slides over the top of the pole that you already have. The arms’ angles can be customized and each one has eyelets for you to hang your sign on. Antionette’s the left and Moondoggies to the right, no sweat. Except now your lease is up.

Finally finding your way…

When you move, you take your pole with you and you’ve got a place to hang the oval street sign frame that you bought on spur of the moment.  That street frame sign will announce your business perfectly and the finished aluminum will stand up to inclement weather.

Wayfinding signs are a boost to business and a necessary investment if you want people to look for you. Remember, those who wander may be lost – but at least you won’t be the one losing!

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