Beautify City Streets with Trapeze Banner Brackets

Beautifully taut and wrinkle-free banners don’t happen by accident: they require the right hardware. Enter the trapeze bracket: a style of banner bracket with a built-in tensioning system to keep banners taut and prevent them from bowing. Made of a two-tiered system of bars made of commercial-grade powder-coated iron, they are built to last for years of secure signage for advertising city streets, businesses, and special events.

We offer a variety of trapeze banner brackets made for every application—from pole brackets for light pole banners to those used for wall hanging banners. And keep in mind that all of our banner brackets can be customized in size, color, and material type. Read on to find out which one is right for your application.

Wall-Mounted Banners

Shopping centers, city streets, malls, theme parks, or special events: whatever the venue and whether you’re using banners indoors or out, our Wall Mount Trapeze Banner Brackets will keep your message clear. These banners stay in place regardless of the weather—wind, rain, or shine—without bowing. We offer brackets in a size range of 18″ to 36″ wide and in black powder-coated iron or brushed silver with gold finials.


  • Ideal for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Keeps banners taut (no wrinkling or bowing)
  • Ensures uninterrupted banner visibility

Corner-Mounted Applications

To hang banners from the corner of a building, our Sign Bracket Store designers developed Corner Mount Bracket Adapters made to fit 90-degree corners. These adapters can be used for most of our banner brackets, including the wall mount trapeze brackets. With these adapters, your corner business won’t go unnoticed!


  • Great for corner businesses & advertising on busy intersections
  • Compatible with most wall mount brackets
  • Easy and fast installation

Pole-Mounted Banners

If you’re looking for a secure way to hang banners or hanging baskets to a post or pole, our trapeze pole brackets are made to fit a variety of pole sizes. And since they, like all of our trapeze brackets, are made from iron coated with rust-resistant powder coating so that they are sturdy enough for years of outdoor use. These sophisticated-looking trapeze brackets will hold your banners securely and stretch them with no slack, ensuring an uninterrupted banner display. Our trapeze pole brackets are available in a size range of 18″ to 36″ wide.


  • One- and two-way bracket designs available
  • Provides a secure, wrinkle-free banner display
  • Rust-resistant design promises long-term use

More Pole Bracket Options

Hang banners or signs anywhere you need them—and with a bracket that adjusts to your display for a simple, straightforward installation! Our innovative Modular Pole Mount Banner Bracket Kit consists of an adjustable arm (designs range from 20″ to 40″ extensions) with two adjustable collars that affix to your sign. The remarkable versatility of these brackets allows you to hang virtually any size or shape sign in a pole mount application.


  • Fully adjustable to match sizes of various sizes & shapes
  • Weather and rust-resistant for years of use
  • Modern finial and cap options for added style

Banners with That Something Extra

Make your business stand out from the rest with a banner display that has that something extra. Whether it’s a lighted display that illuminates your banners to passers-by day or night, or delightfully decorated banners that give your whole display an artful feel, we have brackets that will deliver.

Lighted Banner Brackets

Keep your banners visible 24/7 with Lighted Trapeze Banner Brackets that will provide round-the-clock advertising in every season. These durable iron brackets are offered in a trapeze style that provides just the right tension to keep banners in place. Designed with two sophisticated, streamlined lamps that light both sides of your banner, these commercial-grade brackets are long-lasting enough for permanent banner displays.

Decorative Banners with Scrollwork

Our Iron Brackets with Scroll Artwork elevate the look of your display with its elegant design. A simple yet effective way to add style to streets for city beautification projects, these brackets are also decorative displays for shopping centers, college campuses, and special events. Available for both wall and pole mount applications, these sophisticated brackets are designed for one- and two-way banners.


  • Perfect for beautifying city streets, shopping centers, hospitals, etc.
  • Sophisticated, upscale design
  • Custom colors and finishes available

Need Help Finding the Right Bracket?

Wondering which trapeze bracket you need? Check out our Trapeze Banner Bracket Buying Guide, a helpful resource that simplifies the bracket buying experience!

Want Help with Your Order?

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