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Real estate is a serious industry – everything that is sold goes for tens – even hundreds – of thousands of dollars and that makes the market competitive. How then, do agents and real estate companies keep up their homework? By far the most important part of real estate is advertising – and not the kind that you do in the paper. Real estate sign posts are hands down the best way to show someone that a house is for sale. Those are the posts in the front yards of homes on the market that show us the “For Sale” real estate signs of the companies that are selling them.

Make your listing stand out from the crowd with wooden real estate sign posts.

Make your listing stand out from the crowd with sign posts like this.

There are three basic kinds of real estate sign posts that capture consumer’s attention.

First there are decorative sign frames. These are standard frames that hold your branded real estate signs or just a simple “for sale” sign.  If you ordered the sign holder as a standard size, you would receive an 18″ x 24″ frame however, custom sizes are available. The posts are made to bury directly into the ground outdoors and stand up to the elements.

Next there are wooden sign posts. These are very common and very classy real estate sign posts. They are made of treated wood and painted white for outstanding performance, although if you want complete customization, it is available. These particular models come with two stainless steel eyehooks and a groove for your hanging real estate signs.

If that doesn’t tickle your fancy or perhaps you need something fancier, consider a cast aluminum “S” post. The premium cast post system comes with an eight foot pole, a slip over cast aluminum base that slides to the ground level, and a slip over arm with an “S” scroll and stylish Ball Finial end cap. It’s also possible to get a branded real estate sign by adding a custom waterjet cutting to the top – the perfect addition, and it can be easily removed and added to the next property you represent.

It makes sense for your sign posts updated and blemish free.

As it was noted before, real estate is serious business, and you definitely want your buyers and sellers to know that you’re serious. If your sign posts are beat up or dented, rusty or weathered, then you want to replace them as soon as you can – it could literally cost you thousands if you don’t.

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