Boost Your Business with Hanging Sign Brackets

It’s common knowledge that if you have a business, you need signage to tell people you’re out there. Signs can be used in many ways: to attract attention to your business, help people find their way to you, advertise your brand, and more. Hanging signs and hanging sign brackets are especially helpful when doing all of this and more. Here are just a few ways hanging sign brackets will boost your business.

Stand Out on a Crowded Street

A business that is situated on a busy street with a line of shops is hard to get noticed. Enter the hanging sign, complete with decorative sign bracket. Not only does it help passersby on foot find your business all the way from down the street, but it assists the driver who is looking for your business in finding you. It also acts as advertising to all who don’t yet know you’re there, like people looking for a place to grab a cup of coffee or some souvenirs. At Sign Bracket Store, we have a wide variety of architectural sign brackets to help catch the eye.

Get Your Brand Out There

What better way to get brand awareness than a hanging sign made with your logo or signature design? Especially an established logo or company will be instantly recognizable when seen hanging above eye level outside your door or nearby in a place you can lead people to. Setting off your brand-centric sign, choose a blade sign bracket that complements your brand: for example, for a traditional or classic-style sign, you may wish to a scrolling sign bracket, like the Milano Arch Hanging Blade Sign Bracket. For a more modern touch, maybe try something a bit more streamlined and simple, like our Terazza Triangle Sign Bracket or Montamar Channel Sign Bracket.

Hang Them Anywhere…And Everywhere!

Our wall-mounted sign brackets come with all of the hardware needed to mount them anywhere. Outside your storefront, on the corner of the building, on inside walls—hang one or even multiple signs to reinforce your brand and remind people of who you are, where you can be found, and what you can provide them. For 24/7, day and night advertising, up your sign game with an illuminated sign bracket, available in several classic and modern designs, as well as custom styles.

Where to Use Hanging Sign Brackets

Because our hanging sign brackets can be mounted virtually anywhere, indoors or out, the sky’s the limit when it comes to hanging your sign (though you will have to check with any local ordinances to ensure your sign placement falls within their standards). Restaurants, retail stores, office buildings, hotels, museums, theme parks, shopping centers, schools, in hallways, public spaces, and city streets—hanging signs can be used everywhere.

Need Help with Your Hanging Signs?

Looking for just the right size or style sign bracket to use for your hanging sign? Call us for help with your specific signage needs, and we’ll get you what you need. For questions and orders, please call us toll-free at 1-888-919-7446.

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