Chic Sign Lights For Commercial Spaces


Light the way with angle shaded gooseneck lighting!

There are few things as frightening as being out at night where there are no lights. If a business is open after dark, not only is it bad for sales, but having no lights on your storefront is a no-no, or at worst an “uh-oh” or an “oh no”. If your store is not opened after dark but it opens before daylight, it’s a good thing to have your sign well lit so that early patrons can see that you’re open. Draw attention to your welcome sign. Commercial sign lighting is important for all of these reasons, and modern light fixtures now offer different sign lights for different needs.


Gooseneck lights are also available with straight aluminum arms for basic sign lighting. Photo Credit: Flickr

Inside or out?

It is not impossible to need commercial lights inside your building for display – they aren’t just for outside. For example, the low voltage MR16 Halogen light is a multi-directional double bullet light, perfect for indoor and outdoor use. This means that the lights can be in whichever direction you like. If your store has a retail display, you could hang your light above it inside or out and position it to shine on whichever part of the display needs the most attention. It is on an arm that comes in various sizes, so that you have room to play with. To accentuate your hanging sign, you would place the sign lights above the hanging sign and position the bullet lights so that one light is pointing at one side of the sign, and one light is pointing at the other. This gives people plenty of opportunity to notice it.

Sometimes what you need are modern light fixtures for the outside of your store. A 12 inch gooseneck domed shade light is a perfect addition to the outside of a contemporary store or posh restaurant. Usually aluminum, the domed shade gooseneck is also sturdy and weather resistant thus perfect for lighting up your sign or your storefront. It is a very popular choice is the world of commercial sign lighting because it is sturdy and comes in a myriad of colors to choose from. Particular models are only made to handle 200 watt incandescent bulbs, but can be customized for use with others; this makes an experience with this fixture an entirely pleasant experience.


Standard lighting not going to work? Call The Sign Bracket Store for a custom lighted sign design. Photo Credit: Flickr

Sign Visibility

Finally, we can’t forget our business friends who have their signs outside by the road. Giant commercial signs that sit out by a busy street are common for doctor’s offices or banks, and deserve chic commercial sign lighting as well. This case calls for a 120v LED floodlight with an adjustable “U” bracket. This bad boy would light up a sign in the darkest area without danger, thanks to its evenly spaced 12 lamp structure and heat resistant tempered glass cover. It comes ready for installation on the wall or on the sign itself and has an adjustable bracket so that you can point it however necessary. Best of all, it is semi weather resistant with a powder coated finish.

Lighting your signs doesn’t have to be hard; it just has to be focused. Know what your storefront, your sign or your building needs and you can’t fail at finding a nice fixture that will accent your sign.

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