Choosing the Best Sign Bracket for your Storefront

Posting commercial signage is an important part of storefront design. Personalized signs mark the spot, the brand and – in an ideal scenario, give customers, clients and business partners something positive to remember. So get things off on the right foot with the best sign bracket for the job.

Size Up Signage

To start, it’s all about scale. Commercial signs need to strike a balance between visibility and taste. Successful place markers are easy to spot and clear to read, without going overboard. In other words, displays should be appropriately sized to the storefront they indicate.

For projects that already have personalized signs and need a bracket to match, work off the dimensions of the panel. Otherwise, some Fixed Mount Sign Bracket Systems come with a blank included for easy setup.

Mounting Type

Each commercial sign posting presents different opportunities and challenges. Flat storefronts without any overhang are an excuse to go elaborate and dress up the presentation. While posting under an awning, soffit or fascia might call for something a little craftier in terms of low-clearance design.

Stand out in shopping centers with a fixed mount blade sign bracket.

Stand out in shopping centers with a fixed mount blade sign bracket.

When choosing a mounting type, consider the space you have to work with and building architecture. Some of the most common configurations include:

  • Wall Mount Blade Brackets — great for all types of facades including siding, stucco and masonry, these robust sign hangers can be as simple as a straight horizontal arm or as elaborate as a wrought iron bracket with custom lettering. 
  • Ceiling Mount Sign Brackets — take advantage of overhead space with a clean presentation that greets from above. Attractive ceiling hangers come in various styles and sizes to accommodate all types of personalized signage.
  • Low-Clearance Sign Mounting — these wall mount gems are great for working in place markers under a shallow clearance. Where there isn’t much room above for ornamentation, styles like the Florence Lower Scroll Sign Bracket preserve style using innovative design. 

For temporary displays or to supplement a main place marker, banners are another attractive option. Use them to swap in seasonal or special event messaging using a system of durable banner brackets.

And for an affordable solution that provides ultimate versatility, explore alternatives to fixed mount brackets. Sandwich boards and sidewalk signs with changeable letters offer a solution for messaging that continually evolves.

 Style Savvy

Above all, the best sign bracket for a commercial storefront is the one that complements the style and spirit of a building and business. From classic wrought iron designs, to contemporary stainless steel hangers, find the material and layout to suit your project.

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