Choosing the Right Sign Standoffs

Less is more - Choose a standoff size that is relative to your sign and doesn't distract from your message.

Less is more – Choose a standoff size that is relative to your sign and doesn’t distract from your message.

Choosing the Right Sign Standoffs

What are sign standoffs? The answer is simple; they are sign mounting hardware with the simplest installation that you could think of – with a classy, unmatched result. Have you ever seen a nice sign that looked like it was floating away from the wall, or perhaps screwed into the wall itself with little studs? These are stand-off sign mounts – the little studs that you see that are holding the sign away from the wall. You have definitely seen them whether you realize it or not. With all of the ADA compliant regulations that businesses are required to provide both employees and patrons (covered in our previous article: ADA Signage: Knowledge=Profit), these little bits of sign hardware go a long way.

Which ones are right for me?

Choosing your stand offs are really a matter of function and taste. You must ask yourself how far away from the wall you want your sign to hang. Once you have that in mind, you can continue on your journey to finding the right ones. If you want your sign to hang very far off the wall, you could choose one that is 1″ x 1″. If you feel that seems unstable, you can find the one inch sign standoffs with a base also.

If that doesn’t suit you, or perhaps is too far away from the wall, there are plenty of other options. Something more streamlined would perhaps do the trick. The 5/8″ x 3/4″ is short and streamlined; another common stand-off sign mount is the 3/4″ x 3/4″, which is just a bit bigger than the other. These can also be found in the same size with a flat base at the bottom.

There are also really long and thin ones that are 3/8″, although you can get different barrel lengths. Unlike the aforementioned sign standoffs this bit of sign mounting hardware these may be made of anodized aluminum, which makes it good for outdoor applications.

Standoffs lend well to ADA compliant signage like these restroom signs.

Standoffs lend well to wayfinding and restroom signs like these.

Is there anything else I should know?

When you are purchasing these sign stand offs, remember that you want more than one – you should need one for each corner of the sign IF your sign is less than four square feet. If it is, you may need to install them half way between points or every 18″ or so. In addition, remember that the caps to these screw in to the barrel, and allows for a 1/4″ sign to hang. If you need something larger, call your order in.

Also, be aware that when you buy one standoff, it is going to come with three or four parts – an end cap, as standoff barrel, and a wall mount. The additional piece that acts as a bushing between the mounting screw and the barrel is your sign substrate. Remember that different styles of sign mounting standoffs are going to have different caps.

So the next time you’re hanging business signs, ask yourself, “Do my business signs stand out or are they just hanging around?”

photo: Westcoast Sign Co

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