Commercial Lighting for Signs & Walls: Illuminating the Message

If you want to draw attention to your business signage or displays, it’s important that you use outdoor lighting. Through the use of illumination, you can direct more attention to exterior signs and create a more impressive display. Find the perfect solution for lighting your company name, brand, or message with heavy-duty commercial lighting.

Direct Lighting Versus Indirect Lighting

One of the first decisions you will need to make is whether to use direct or indirect lighting. Indirect lighting can be useful for increasing the overall appeal of a large display, but is not as effective as direct lighting for grabbing attention. Indirect lighting also referred to as accent lighting, is used to help illuminate the surrounding area instead of the message or sign that you are targeting.

Direct Sign Lighting

When should you choose direct lighting? If you are trying to draw more attention to a particular sign or message, you should place additional lighting directly where you want the eye to go. For example, you can use a discreet straight arm sleek and modern directional bullet sign lighter to illuminate a small sign, business logo, or directional message. LED bullet lights offer continual illumination and last longer than bulbs.

Indirect Outdoor Lighting

Indirect lighting can still be beneficial. If you have a large window display, such as a furniture arrangement or clothing display, you will want to illuminate the entire display. Having a light with a wider arc will help showcase this larger display. A fluorescent flood light can be used indoors or outdoors to shine a larger light.

Illuminating Multiple Subjects

You may face difficulties when you attempt to light multiple subjects. Attempting to balance the light between two separate subjects could take away from the appeal of the display. Using bidirectional lighting can solve this problem.

Using our modern straight arm directional double bullet signs lighter with LED bullet lights, you can point your lighting at two separate objects from a single light fixture.

Creative and Aesthetically Appealing Commercial Lighting

When choosing commercial outdoor lighting, you should also take into consideration the style of the light fixture. There are many aesthetically pleasing lighting options available. By choosing a design that is a little less traditional, you can bring more character and definition to your message. Using our gooseneck light fixtures, you can create a bolder look.

Storefront Lighting - Aluminum Gooseneck Lights at Montys Beef Company

By choosing the right lighting, you can transform any outdoor sign, message, or logo into an entirely new display. You can easily install any of our light fixtures along the exterior walls of your commercial building. If you want to grab attention and gain more foot traffic, you should focus on your exterior image. Make sure the outside of your business reflects the interior. Take the time to browse different lighting options and find a style and design that matches the look and feel of your business.

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  1. Larry Weaver
    Larry Weaver says:

    Thanks for explaining that a fluorescent flood light can be used indoors and outdoors to shine a larger light. If I had a commercial business, I would want a sign that was lit up in a way that you couldn’t miss both indoors and outdoors. Working with professionals to set up sign lights would be something I would consider when retrofitting sign lights as well.


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