How to Find the Right Lighted Sign Bracket for Your Business

The beauty of lighted sign brackets is that it gives your business both daytime and nighttime visibility, for 24/7 advertising. Whether you’re looking to illuminate wall mount sign brackets, decorative sign pots, or wrought iron signs—and whether it’s city street signs or storefronts—we have a lighted sign bracket to suit the sign’s needs, the store’s brand, and the surrounding architecture.

Since lighted sign brackets combine a sign bracket and lighting in one, so there’s no need to buy separate components and try to integrate them (something that often doesn’t work, wasting precious time and money). Here are a few ways to decode which kind of lighted sign bracket would fit your or your customer’s signage application.

Match Your Brand, and Your Surroundings

The first question to ask yourself is, “Am I looking for a traditional, vintage-looking sign, or something more modern and streamlined?” For instance, historical districts and cities and towns with older architecture might require a more traditional lighted sign bracket, such as our Classic Lighted Sign Bracket with its whimsical, decorative scrolls. Whereas in a high-tech, industrialized modern downtown area, a more clean-lined lighted sign bracket, like the Triangle Ball Lighted Sign Bracket Kit or the Palisades Lighted Sign Bracket Kit, would work better.

Choose the Bracket Based on Sign Shape

If you already have your sign, you’ll need to consider its size and shape when choosing a lighted sign bracket for it. Here is a list of lighted sign brackets that look best with your sign shape:

Select Your Bracket Based on Lighting Type

Another factor to consider when selecting a lighted sign bracket for your business or city street signs is the type of lighting being used. At Sign Bracket Store, we have lighted sign brackets using LED light strips surrounding the sign, designs with bullet lights illuminating both sides of the sign, and backlit sign brackets using LED lights with custom cutouts with a store name, logo, or other brand-centric designs.

The DeHavilland Scroll Bracket with LED light strips

This lovely wrought iron sign bracket comes complete with LED light strips around the borders of each side of the sign, giving it a diffused light which brings attention to the sign without overdoing it.

The Lighted Bel Largo with bullet lights

Draw attention to your business with this lighted sign bracket, which uses bullet lighting to display both sides of the sign for an attention-getting display. Not only are the bullet lights decorative, but they also cast a welcoming glow that lights up your signage so that all can see, even passersby down the street.

The Deluxe Backlit Sign Bracket Kit with LED backlighting

Not only do these sign brackets light up your display from within, projecting the sign’s design outward, but it also allows you to fully customize your sign’s cutout with brand-aware designs.

Who Benefits from Lighted Sign Brackets?

The answer to that question? Pretty much everyone. City streets, restaurants, shopping malls, retail stores, cafes, theme park, businesses, boutiques, medical centers, schools and universities, and the list goes on. Lighted sign brackets advertise your business, direct people to your store, help people find their way in an unfamiliar town, and increase security in an area by discouraging break-ins, among other benefits.

Illuminating Signs in Every Type of Weather

Made from commercial-grade, rust- and weather-resistant materials like powder-coated steel, our lighted sign brackets are built to last in any type of outdoor climate. And these sturdy sign brackets are designed so that they can hold even large and heavy signs securely, lighting your signs for around-the-clock visibility.

Other Signage Lighting Options

As a leading provider of all things commercial signage and lighting, we also offer sign lighting alternatives to our lighted sign brackets. For instance, we can add most any of our stylish gooseneck lights to most of our sign brackets, if you’d like a more customized look. Just call our expert design team and they will help you get the sign you want—lighted or not—without the hassle. We do it every day!

How Can We Help?

Let us know if you have questions about a specific lighted sign application or would like to place an order by calling us toll-free at 1-888-919-7446.

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