Gooseneck Lighting Benefits for Businesses

How Your Business Benefits from Gooseneck Lighting

Lighting your storefront can seem like a big hassle sometimes – you’ve got to order the fixtures, and then have them wired and installed. First, however, you’ve got to choose your storefront lights and that can be a pain in the…gooseneck.

Warehouse Shade Gooseneck Lights direct light at the sign to make it stand out at night

In the past, gooseneck light fixtures were used primarily in barns and warehouses. While they are still used for those functions, you don’t have to go to a farm to see gooseneck and barn lighting. Goosenecks are very popular for commercial lighting; illuminating signage and storefront walkways are excellent uses for directional fixtures like these.

Why should I choose gooseneck lighting?

Gooseneck lights have three distinct advantages over other fixtures:

  1. Flexibility of design – With gooseneck light fixtures you can choose to make your business look “vintage” or “modern” depending on what kind of shade or arm you choose. Other commercial lighting choices, such as neon signs, might only lend your business a contemporary feel, while Emblem Lighting would illuminate your antique store’s signage perfectly.
  2. Gold Emblem Shade Gooseneck

    Match the vintage look of your storefront and signage with emblem shade gooseneck lights.

    Flexibility of placement – Storefront lights are important because they are a first representation of your store. When you place them on your signs, they offer lighting to specific areas of the signs. Goosenecks are great because they are often on decorative arms and you can put them anywhere along your sign or storefront. You can move the shade post-installation because it’s on an optional swivel. With angle gooseneck lighting, the possibilities are endless.

  3. More control over the lighting – Sometimes what a restaurant owner needs is just a bit of illuminations here and there; they would in fact, rather not have harsh lighting over their signs, instead only choosing to light the bottom portion. If a small accounting firm is in a strip mall, they may choose to light up their storefront These are difficult things to do without the help of gooseneck fixtures. Deep bowl shades on goosenecks do just this – they light up what you need without illuminating everything else.

Sounds good, right? Wait, it gets better!

Angle Shade Gooseneck Lighintg

Your storefront is the first thing customers see. Make them stand out with gooseneck lights.

Besides all of the options you have for using gooseneck light fixtures for your storefront, there are other little things that make these lights a fantastic investment. When shopping for lighting online at, notice that the prices on goosenecks are reasonable – even the fancy ones. Not to mention, ours ship FASTER than nearly everyone in our industry – even the custom fixtures.

Most gooseneck lights come with set up kits that you can install yourself or hand over to a pro. Beyond that, your investment is taken care of by a weather resistant powder coat finish that can be any color you like – within reason of course. That means that energy efficient bulbs in your gooseneck lights will cause the fixtures to pay for themselves without wear and tear for a lot of years.

In a hurry to get your lights? Check out our Quickship Gooseneck Lighting online for the fastest shipping, or call us toll-free today: 1-888-919-7446

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