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As important as freestanding signage is for any company, plenty of business owners find themselves requiring signage solutions that are slightly more permanent. Awning signs are one of the best solutions. They serve as both a retail business’s welcome sign and advertising spaces. Even though awnings are practical and highly efficient, business owners need to be away of the issues that can surround awning installation.

Mount angle shaded gooseneck lighting above awnings and below signage.

To illuminate awnings without blocking signage, mount outdoor gooseneck lighting above awnings and below signage.

Before looking into your awning options, check your local municipal codes. Awnings can decrease visibility and are therefore typically regulated. This is especially true for multi-story structure. Your building’s site plan may need an amendment every time the following occur:

  • Any awning is initially installed
  • The awning color changes
  • Any awning signage is applied to a new surface

Making any of these changes might be considered a change to the building’s architecture. The fees to file an amendment have the potential of being very expensive.

Other Awning Signage Concerns

  • Lighting. The lighting of illuminated awnings is also highly regulated by municipal government because of the lights ability to spill over into other businesses or even residences. One of our light aluminum gooseneck lamps features an emblem shade that meets most modern US municipal standards. It comes in over one dozen color and material options to perfectly match your awning and its surroundings. All parts of this piece are made from aluminum.
  • Energy efficiency. Make sure that any lighting your awning requires is low-energy. Youll save on your electric bill, and will made your citys zoning board happy. We have another light aluminum gooseneck lamp built with energy-efficient compact fluorescent lighting. The shades diameter is a large 14″ and is 9″ high. During the daytime hours, the lamps gooseneck arm adds contemporary style to your awning.
  • Gooseneck lights with warehouse shades Photo Credit: Patrick Feller

    Brightly colored awnings reflect more light from these large warehouse light fixtures, drawing attention from any vantage point. Photo Credit: Patrick Feller

    Your awning’s size. Before ordering any awning accessories and lamps, you need to know your awnings exact dimensions, or else your signage will not be appropriately illuminated. Another one of our gooseneck light aluminum lamps comes with alternate arm configurations that are up to 54.25″ long and 62″ high. This lamps finish options include arch bronze, stucco, and anodized charcoal.

Illuminated awning Photo Credit: Flickr

Install fluorescent lighting (T5 or T8’s work great) to highlight branded awnings. Photo Credit: Flickr

With that in mind…

Because of local ordinances, chances are that you will face some challenges when installing or changing your awning. Make sure to do your research before proposing an amendment to your building’s site plan. Once you have a better idea about what’s acceptable and what you’ll need to work around, you can rest comfortably knowing that the plans for your awning will meet all municipal rules and standards.

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  1. Taylor Bishop
    Taylor Bishop says:

    Thanks for helping me learn more about awnings. I actually didn’t know that for illuminated ones you should know what the exact size is to make sure that it’s illuminated properly. I’m kind of interested to learn if the material could also affect this as well, like if the metal used to help hold it up should be reflective.


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