Meet Chris Fasulo: In-House Engineer

Meet Chris Fasulo - Product Development and Engineer at the Sign Bracket Store

Meet Chris Fasulo – Engineer and Product Developer at the Sign Bracket Store

It started with a bracket issue for a sign. Simple enough. A client approached the Sign Bracket Store to solve a problem. They were looking for a specific bracket and sign frame and wanted it to be attached in a certain way. The challenge was to determine how best to design the custom bracket and sign that would meet the customer’s needs.

“Projects often come in this way,” says Chris Fasulo, in-house Mechanical Engineer for Sign Bracket Store. A graduate of UC Davis in Mechanical Engineering, Fasulo says, “I like the design side of things; it’s one of my favorite aspects of engineering.” Charged with problem-solving, he put his design passion and expertise to work. From there, a new product was born! With assets like Chris, the Sign Bracket Store has a leg up on the competition when it comes to commercial signage solutions.

When a Problem Becomes a New Product

In any project, how to approach the solution requires optimal structural and manufacturing analysis. “Do we want or need to solve this problem from the manufacturing side? Can solve it with nuts, bolts and hardware or does it need to be a welded construction?” More considerations are often required such as sign load, position of sign relative to the bracket, exact material call-outs and specifications, etc. Not only did Fasulo solve the bracket and frame quandary for the specific customer, he also developed an entirely new sign product for all customers.

The Deluxe Backlit Sign Bracket Kit is Born

In this case, the customer provided a design they liked with double bars that came from mounting plates into a square tube frame. They wanted 1 sign mounted in the middle. Previously, Fasulo had an idea that would incorporate LED lights into a design that would look like a backlit movie poster. So he decided to use this bracket to hold 2 signs sandwiched, adding internal tube lighting that would make the sign viewable from both sides. After the bracket and sign blanks came into the R&D office, he sourced “low-profile” sign fastening solutions to create a flush, consistent aesthetic.

Deluxe Backlit Sign Bracket Kit - CNC Routed Signs by Sign Bracket Store

Shop Drawings for the Deluxe Backlit Signage Kit

Low clearance sign brackets like the Deluxe Backlit are ideal for use under soffits and overhangs and for use as directional indoor office signs. Adding LED illumination highlights your message crystal clear.

“About 75 percent of new projects come in this way,” says Fasulo. “An existing customer comes to us with a problem or even a preliminary idea that we can run with. Not only can we create a custom project to meet their individual request, but we can also create and offer new products from these original and unique ideas.”

As it turned out, that’s exactly what happened in what you see here; it grew into an interior-lit LED lighted sign. “Besides design, I like fusing engineering with design, coordinating all aspects of the project,” adds Fasulo.

The Sign Bracket Store can CNC route any design needed, and all of our wrought iron brackets are handcrafted by artisans with decades of experience.

Modular Sign and Banner Brackets – Building Custom Solutions Faster

In another example, a staff member mentioned it would be great to have a stock-able bracket available for customers who needed something ASAP–but one that was individually adjustable. Doing a lot of custom work, manufacturing lead time for a single bracket can take several weeks. To expedite this, we wanted an off-the-shelf customer-ready solution that would be adjustable since applications can vary.

“Since we already use NPT Extension Arms in a variety of lengths in our lighting fixtures we figured we (could) use them as actual bracket arms for banners AND signs,” says Fasulo, “..Since these extension arms are threaded on both ends, it allows us to use the same arms for post-mount or wall mount applications and also have a variation in the end cap or finial at the opposite end.”

Modular Sign Bracket NPT Threaded Arm Extension Screws into Backplate

Modular Sign Bracket NPT Threaded Arm Extension Screws into Backplate

“The extension arms work perfect for banners as-is, because you can just slip the upper and lower pockets of the banner into the arms” with finials securing them into place. The sign brackets were “a little tricker” since “we needed to find a way to get rings to hang the actual sign on the extension arms. I found shaft collars with pre-threaded set screw holes for locking collars in place. These would work great because we could just swap out the set screws with standard eye bolts.”

These eye bolts would serve two purposes:

  1. As an adjustable stop point for sign widths keeping collars in place.
  2. To provide small rings for the customer to hang the sign from.
Steel Modular Sign Bracket for Signage Shipped Fast

Shop Drawings for the Modular Sign/Banner Bracket

In the end, this bracket facilitates many simple applications where only small changes are required from “standard” sizes. It allows the company to ship high-quality brackets ASAP, with all the components stocked and ready to go. Fasulo finishes with: basic innovation “allows us to free up manufacturing for larger, highly custom projects.” Everybody wins!

We are in the process of adding Chris’ Modular Sign Bracket design to the website.

Call toll-free to discuss ordering today: 1-888-919-7446

While much of Fasulo’s time is devoted to Sign Bracket Store, he also serves all departments within the company, from residential and commercial planters to artificial plants and business lighting too. With expertise such as in-house Engineer Chris Fasulo provides, we offer a service that sets us apart from most other companies.

The Sign Bracket Store (and associated Carlsbad Manufacturing companies) offers unparalleled individual customer benefit, but all customers reap the rewards through new product adaptation and innovation. For additional information on Fasulo’s designs, or to work with our custom manufacturing team, please call 888-919-7446 today.

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