Our NEW Modular Sign and Banner Brackets Adjust to Fit Your Signs

Hang one or more signs no matter their size with our fully adjustable Modular Sign Brackets. With their sleek modern design, these streamlined wrought iron sign brackets are easy to mount and adjust to your sign. In fact, the process takes only a matter of minutes! Follow these easy steps:

Step 1: Mount It

The versatility of these modular sign and banner brackets starts with their mounting capabilities. These customizable wrought iron sign brackets and light pole banner brackets can be mounted to the wall or to a pole, for endless signage possibilities. We have seven different pole sizes for square or round poles. Whichever the application, our Modular Sign Bracket Kits include all of the hardware you need to install them yourself.

Wall Mount Hardware

Pole Mount Hardware

Step 2: Adjust It

Our adjustable wrought iron sign brackets are available in a range of 20″ to 40″ sign bracket kits. And though the extension arm remains a stable length, you can easily adjust the collars to accommodate your sign. These adjustable collars with attached eye bolts can be easily moved along the arm to match the eyeholes in your sign. Finish it off by attaching a decorative ball finial or a modern-style cap onto the end of the arm, and you’re good to go! And since its matte black powder-coat makes the bracket durable and long-lasting, it will weather the elements beautifully, providing years of advertising for your business.

Check Out More NEW Sign Bracket Designs

At the Sign Bracket Store, we are constantly innovating—creating signs and signage accessories to make your business stand out from the crowd. Other new and easy-to-install bracket designs like the Terazza Triangle Sign Bracket have a contemporary geometric shape further accented by their modern metal construct. Looking for more ways to boost your curb appeal? The Challedon Sign Bracket has a sophisticated yet minimalist design shape, with two curved metal bars that arch over the sign elegantly. If you want to go a bit trendier, the Cuadrado Sign Bracket features a unique interlocking geometric pattern that will give your signs an artistic flair, and will make those who walk by your storefront take notice.

Terazza Sign Bracket

Challedon Sign Bracket

Cuadrado Sign Bracket

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