Ordering For Your Post and Panel

Post wraps add elegant detail to this basic post and panel sign.

To establish prominent commercial signage, project planners nationwide turn to post and panel systems. The look is streamlined, high-impact and sure to get any name or message across. Particularly to people in transit.

Styles can read more decorative in the case of ornamental post and panel, or there are basic setups for temporary applications like constructions sites. By breaking down the structure of monument signs piece by piece, let us help to guide decision-making for your project plan.

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Pick a theme, like this rustic post and panel pair at the Washington State Dept. of Fish & Wildlife.

Post & Panel At a Glance

At their most basic, post and panel systems (also known as monument signs) are made up of two poles with signage suspended in between them. With that basic structure in mind, a smart place to continue thinking about products is in terms of materials. Online at Sign Bracket Store, we’re working with the following commercial-grade options:

These four materials are the heavy hitters for all types of properties, from large commercial office parks and luxury vacation resorts to local parks. Each offers a unique quality, be it the all-weather durability of composite PVC, or the timeless elegance of wrought iron. Choose your material based on a good balance of basic function and desired visual effect.

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Welcome patrons with large, visible lettering that can be seen from the road. Photo Credit: Flickr

Size It Up

Project scale is a major player in planning and will depend on the intent of commercial signage.

For instance, primary signs marking street access to a parking lot or building require a large enough panel to be viewed from a car. Too small, and a monument sign will go unnoticed. For retail stores, restaurants and small businesses who want to draw the attention of pedestrian and motor traffic, this is one of those cases where bigger is better – within reason, of course.

And for secondary signs implemented as a system of wayfinders and directionals throughout a property, size can be determined accordingly. For example, minor wayfinding, informational and safety signs along a footpath can be scaled down considerably.

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Upscale aluminum post and panel signs are perfect for medical and dental offices. Be sure to illuminate your display so it can be seen after dark. Photo Credit: Flickr

To match existing commercial signs, take accurate measurements of sign dimensions and choose posts accordingly. Various types and sizes are available to purchase individually, like aluminum posts for ground mount. When measuring, keep in mind that poles typically need to be buried at least 2-feet below ground and consider the display height based on this adjustment. If planning on a surface mount, a base plate and/or flange will be required to keep posts in place.

To start from scratch, our comprehensive post and panel sign systems are a one-stop commercial signage solution. Like this Aluminum Monument Sign that comes complete with a sign blank, ready for custom printing. Note that for smaller lawn applications like historical site markers, single post brackets are available for hanging blade signs.

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Freestanding and portable post and panel signs work best for events or seasonal messages. Photo Credit: Flickr


Once in place, take the opportunity to enhance post and panel displays. It’s easy to add even more visual impact using supplemental accessories like post finials, base caps, decorative sign headers, T-straps and iron scrolls. Decorative fittings make signs look even more distinguished, alerting passersby to a standout location, brand or message.

To get started with a system of commercial monument signs, ordering online at Sign Bracket Store is a cinch. Simply identify the desired post and panel sign products, click to add and drop them in your shopping cart. Or, for custom commercial sign projects and questions, our experienced project managers are happy to offer one-on-one assistance over the phone.

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