Post Finials – The Finishing Touch

Addding a touch of whimsy with the Arrow Style Finial.

Adding a touch of whimsy is simple and fast with this Arrow Style Finial.

At the pinnacle of sophisticated design, one is sure to find decorative finials. Rightfully so, as these architectural ornaments are known to rest atop summits of all sorts — from the pickets of ornamental fencing to the four posts outlining a traditional bed frame.

Start Seeing Finials

Once wood and metal finials are added to the purview of design, it’s easy to see their appeal. They’re simple, yet oh so sophisticated, and manage to find relevance in some of the most overlooked spaces. All designers – professional and DIY alike – have to do is make sure this powerful accent doesn’t go unused.

To appreciate all that these architectural toppers bring to the gable, let’s explore some of the most common – and uncommonly clever – applications.

A Decorative Finial For All Apexes

If there was a first rule of finials it might go something like this: “Where there’s an apex, there’s an opportunity.”

Decorative finials thrive in highpoints like the top of bed posts or the gable of a grandfather clock. Which brings us to our first favorite use: furniture. Any wooden or metal piece including a dresser, vanity, chair or bed, stands to benefit from an elegant post finial. Classic ball finials are always in style or try out a more ornamental design like this furniture grade Acorn Finial.

Also for interiors, turn toppers on their side to accent tapestries. Curtain rods look great with a creative shape at their ends and finials also help to keep the pole from sliding out of place.

Big, small or custom - our local manufacturing plant is happy to entertain any ideas!

Big, small or custom – our local manufacturing plant is happy to entertain any ideas!

Finally, look to toppers in order to transform steps into grand staircases. A cast aluminum style like this Flame Finial can complete a wrought iron railing, or turn to wooden finials to complement traditional banisters.

Exterior Design Heights

When it comes to notable architecture, the lasting impression is all in the details. So, it makes sense that a little thing like a 3″ Horsehead Post Finial is what turns an ordinary looking mailbox post into a positive design asset. And if you look closer, the outside of a home or business is bustling with pinnacles, apexes, edges, post tops and the like that, when left unadorned, can go unnoticed in terms of design value.

Re-imagine that old garden gate as ornamental fencing with the simple addition of a Decorative PVC Finial at each end cap. Materials and designs are more sophisticated than ever, so the option to add weather resistant accents makes for a carefree improvement.

Besides fences, mailboxes and flag poles, finials are also a smart way to dress up commercial signage. For post and panel systems, fixed wall mount and banner brackets alike, decorative end caps and toppers have a way of refining the display to make your business memorable.

For more finial ideas and inspiration check out diverse wood and metal designs for interiors and exteriors.

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