Gooseneck Lights for Residential and Commercial Spaces

Enjoying continued, widespread popularity, gooseneck lights are an ever-present standard of American lighting design. And for all their utilitarian history, goosenecks have undergone a rebirth of sorts, whereby architects and designers have newfound appreciation for their aesthetic potential.

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Modern restaurant lighting

From outdoor lighting fixtures for commercial storefronts, to accent lights gracing urban condominiums, here’s a condensed look at all the contemporary gooseneck can do.

Industrial Design Meets Modern Lighting

Arguably the greatest feature of a gooseneck fixture is its roots in real American utility. For instance, styles like the Barn Light actually originated in agricultural and industrial buildings. It follows that reproductions of these lights emerge with a charming ruggedness at their core.

Using history as a blueprint, contemporary gooseneck lights have carved out a real presence in commercial design. This includes a particular relevance to sign and storefront lighting. Outdoor fixtures like this 14-inch Warehouse Light exemplify form that follows function, sacrificing none of their usefulness for style’s sake. Display as chic entryway lighting over a tavern door, or group multiple fixtures above a store sign to bring retail branding to light.

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Emblem shades highlights Tommy’s message.

In addition to industrial-inspired goosenecks, fixtures along the transitional to modern design spectrum have also surfaced. One example is the 10-inch Angle Shade Sign Light that can be seen gracing store, restaurant and Main Street exteriors nationwide. There’s also the can-shaped Dome Gooseneck with a funky retro feel, making it a shoo-in for throwback designs with a trendy vibe.

The Gooseneck Heads Indoors


Indoor gooseneck lights enhance store window displays and banners.

By incorporating industrial design, lighting for the home can give a modern turn to turn of the century styles. Take Goosenecks in vintage-inspired patina finishes for example: They may be built to weather exterior use but they’re just as turned on to interior applications. And the potential here is not lost on architects, professional designers and DIY home decorators – quality materials, construction and finishes are fodder for design visionaries.

But let’s allow the examples speak for themselves. A favorite of ours is gooseneck lighting used as an accent for framed artwork and other vertical installations. When considering RLM shades that cater specifically to a downward trajectory, a gooseneck is an obviously underrated gallery light.

Of course, there’s also potential for ambient applications in spots like an office, living space or at the end of a long corridor. Barn and Warehouse Shade Goosenecks have also become a favorite in the kitchen, lending their vintage-industrial character to the home’s most beloved gathering space.

Respectful Replicas

When it comes to an appreciation for vintage lighting, budget and accessibility often lead to replicas. Without expensive restoration and repurposing, contemporary fixtures let a broader base of vintage industrial enthusiasts get in on the goods. So, display replicas without apology – they’re affordable, efficient and enamored with their historical models.

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