The Right Lights Lead to a Business’s Bright Future

When you’re networking or meeting with potential clients, you often hand out business cards. These cards have been carefully designed to reflect you and your business because you want to make a great first impression. If your business card directs people to your brick and mortar business, think of your signage as your storefront’s business card. Is it as carefully designed and presented as the card you hand potential customers? Let us help you create lighted sign brackets and outdoor sign lights to better illuminate and showcase your business.

A business’s sign and storefront are a passerby’s first impression of your business, so it needs to be dynamic and as representative of the business as possible. But along with a suitable design, readable text, excellent presentation and adequate colors, it also needs illumination. What is the point of creating a fantastic sign and storefront that no one can see?

Brighten Your Business with Lighted Sign Brackets

If your business sign needs brightened up, we have several options available to you. Our lighted sign brackets are in stock and ready to ship and will light up a variety of hanging signs from both directions; they can also be used for both interior and exterior illumination. And with their black powder-coat finish, the brackets will go with everything.

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Light, Don’t Block, Your Signs with Gooseneck Lighting

Mounted signs can be a challenge to illuminate because you don’t want the fixture to block the sign, but the light needs to be trained at the sign to be effective. Our made-to-order gooseneck lighting solves this issue beautifully. With a 10-inch shade, this light attaches to a custom-made gooseneck that illuminates while staying out of the way. But that doesn’t mean the outdoor sign lights are unattractive; instead, the lights offer a subtle elegance that will enhance your sign as well as illuminate it. Available in black, white, galvanized and green, and capable of using any medium-based socket light, this fixture adds both light and character to your storefront.

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Showcase Your Display with Spotlight Fixtures

Now, let’s say you have some artwork that you want to display. Normal light fixtures won’t do; these pieces are special and you want to showcase them. Our spotlight fixture is the ideal solution. The bullet-shaped fixture mounts on a wall and swivels, which allows you to shed light exactly where you want it. The light can illuminate objects up to three feet in width and six feet in height, so if you have a large window display you’d like to illuminate, these fixtures are the way to do it.

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Browse Tons of Lighting Options, Including Custom

Lighting is an important part of any business’s décor, but it is something that’s often overlooked. By selecting from our vast array of lighting options, whether you pick from custom stock or have a piece customized, our lighting solutions help your business shine.



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