Sign Maintenance Tips for a Flawless First Impression

Many people understand the importance of having an attractive, highly visible sign for their businesses, but some forget how important it is to keep them looking great over the years and through the elements. Here are a few tips on keeping your sign looking great and ready to bring new customers to your door.

Tip #1: Keep it Clean

Outdoor signage can easily get dirty due to dust, pollen, dirt, grime, bird droppings, and pollution. And commercial lighting can suffer from burnt-out and broken bulbs. To keep it looking good, clean your signs and replace bulbs as needed. Depending on the signage material, a simple and gentle cleaning or a power wash may be needed. Banners can be lightly wiped with a clean cloth and water or a non-abrasive household cleaner, whereas metal and monument signs may require a power washing. Generally, a once-a-month cleaning schedule is enough to maintain your signs adequately.

Tip #2: Keep it Current

Make sure your sign is not only updated with the latest logos and brand-centric designs, but that it is complemented by an attractive sign bracket. Choose from more traditional, classic designs with intricate scroll patterns, or modern, streamlined styles—pick a design that keeps your storefront looking on-trend and on-brand.

Upgrade old lighting fixtures with trendy barn lights or gooseneck lighting, both of which add style and visibility to your signage and storefront.

Tip #3: Keep it from Fading

Sun damage has the potential of leaving your outdoor signage faded and forgotten. But there are many ways to keep this from happening. The best advice would be to invest in a sign made with UV-protected materials or a laminate. Another tip, though not as effective, is to protect your signs from the sun damage by covering them with an awning; depending on the location of the sign, this will protect it from the sun at least part of the day.

Tip #4: Keep it Illuminated

A beautifully designed sign won’t make a difference if it can’t be seen. Make your signs visible day and night with lighted sign brackets, gooseneck lights, spot lights, and other commercial lighting fixtures gives you 24/7 advertising. Plus, keeping your storefront and surrounding area lit day and night increases security and discourages break-ins and other crimes.

Give Your Business Sign a Refresh

Update your signs with a new, decorative sign bracket or stylish light fixtures. Explore your options at or call us with your custom order at 1-888-919-7446.

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