Your Guide to Street Sign Brackets

When we think of street signs, we often think of the small, green rectangular signs that show us the street names. However, there are many more – we forget that there are speed limit signs, directional signs, stop signs and animal crossing signs – all of which are necessary to direct traffic and public safety. But the real challenge is how to mount them. What kind of sign hardware will you need? This handy guide will help you make the purchases you need to get your signpost ready for directing traffic.

What kind of sign mounting hardware is out there?

There are several different kinds of street sign brackets; your need depends on what or how you need your sign to hang. Taking a brief look at the poles, we know that the industry standard is 2 ⅜”; luckily, all of our brackets are made to match with industry standards, so purchasing sign hardware from us should not worry you in that matter.

If you are working with an empty pole, you might consider using the 2 ⅜” Round Post Large 12″ Bracket. This aluminum bracket fits directly on top of the post and is made for use with one standard street sign. It attaches to the bottom of any 12″ sign – or longer signs if centered properly. It’s an easy install fix for a signless post. Best of all, when purchased and installed, it is compatible with the Sign to Sign Mounting Bracket.

This bit of street sign hardware is so common you won’t realize that you’ve seen it before – and you absolutely need it! The sign to sign mounting bracket is two standard sign brackets set at a 90-degree angle. The bottom channel is designed to fit the bottom of one sign and the cross piece fits another sign to sit on top of that to make a “T”. Recognize that formation from street corners? These street sign brackets also work perfectly with crossing and directional signs and work well in residential and commercial areas. We recommend stocking up on these for your shop ahead of time to save money on shipping.

Mount ADA compliant signage with ease using Two-Sided Sign Clamps.

Mount ADA compliant signage with ease using Two-Sided Sign Clamps.



Not interested in either of those?

If you simply need to attach a directional marker or add a sign to a pole that has already signs on it, you can use the 2 ⅜” Post Mount Bracket. This bracket is about 7″ long and is to be attached to the pole with steel bands. On the other side it has a channel that holds an industry standard sign – whether you need it for accessory or not. Fortunately, all of these sign hardware pieces are easy to install and made from weatherproof aluminum for your long lasting convenience.

If the  2 ⅜” Post Mount Bracket isn’t exactly what you are looking for, or if perhaps you need to post a sign such as an ADA compliant handicapped sign, the perhaps you should purchase the Two Sided Sign Clamps. These are 1 ½” – 2 ½” and are designed to clamp onto the pole. They are great for hanging animal crossing signs and anything that you’d need to completely secure to a sign post.

These examples of street sign brackets are just a few of the enormous collection that we have to offer. If you need help with ordering, feel free to give our friendly customer service representatives a call.

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