Turning Cities into Charming Villages

Main Street

Main Street-USA Lighting

Let’s talk about Main Street, “Anytown”, U.S.A. Depending on when and where you grew up, the “Main Street” moniker probably carries its own unique meaning. It may be the nostalgia-rich boulevard you used to cruise with friends in a ’57 Chevy, or – in more metropolitan terms – the gathering spot where locals in the know go to dine, shop and gather.

Regardless of what Main Street means to you, the impression left is largely a result of signage and lights. That’s right – commercial lamps, gooseneck lighting and storefront sign displays are all an impactful part of the setting. Per their presence, what could be perceived as just a road is transformed into a bustling village, frequented by neighborhood pedestrians, business owners and visitors.


Commercial gooseneck lights and Lampposts line the boulevard.

A Main Street State of Mind

Here’s where commercial wall lights and lighted sign brackets come in. They turn a city street into a main event, worthy of staying put for – rather than just cruising on by.

Where shops, restaurants and convenient stores abound, having an attractive ambience is part and parcel to the equation for success. Business owners know it, city planners know it and customers flock to it, when the conditions are right.

And this feeling of comfort and charm should span all hours of the day and night, no matter the setting. That’s why gooseneck lighting options like the Barn Light Fixture have become a mainstay of storefront design. Adding a row of attractive fixtures not only adds a practical light source, but it also enhances the architecture of a building during the day.

Safety First

When a city street is laid out thoughtfully, easy to navigate, and well lit at night, that’s when it has the potential to become an alluring hub. Large lamp posts and street lights are a part of this, but individual stores also need the right fixtures and accessories like ground stakes and arm extenders.

Use sleek bullet lights or goosenecks to illuminate place marker signs, and to provide a nighttime support system for wayfinding and directional placards. When citizens and visitors alike feel equipped to find their way, it gives them the freedom to enjoy pleasurable strolling; knowing that when ready to commit to a location, the way will be clear. Less stragglers means less confusion, and a more secure and enjoyable experience for all.


Fluorescent lighting is a low-cost energy-saving way to illuminate signs and awnings.

The Neighborhood Vibe

Within larger city grids, like New York City and New Orleans, how do different neighborhoods like Greenwich Village and The French Quarter make their mark? Well, it undoubtedly has something to do with the history and character, but it’s also a choice of lighting and signage styles.

The local hotspots that garner the most notice are those that pay attention to the details. A well-placed Warehouse Light over a custom blade sign provides the classic signal for a neighborhood pub or deli. And outdoor sign spotlights and fluorescents concealed within a sidewalk garden can shed light on a roadside marker that alerts drivers to park the car, step out and grab a table for dinner.

With innovative systems of storefront signage, lighting and displays, cities and towns nationwide are reclaiming Main Street in modern terms. And for any traditionalists out there, not to worry – rolling through town in a ’57 Chevy will never go out of style

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