Use Old World Charm to Create a New Sign

When you think of wrought iron, you probably think of fencing and decorations from turn-of-the-century Europe, with its cobblestone roads, gas lights and streets lined with small stores and shops. Those establishments also used wrought iron, most likely as decoration and as part of the store’s sign. Iron was an ideal material for use since it held up against the weather so well and was impervious to rust. It could be molded and shaped into a variety of patterns, so even if every shop on a street had wrought iron sign brackets attached to the building, none of them ever looked exactly the same.

The appeal of wrought iron sign brackets didn’t disappear with the invention of electricity and cement sidewalks. Instead, these sign hangers now carry a nostalgic aura that small business owners flock to. You’ll see these brackets holding up signs for attorneys, accountants, bakeries, pubs and other cottage businesses that want a storefront that hearkens back to the “good old days.” When designing a storefront, it would behoove you to keep this design element in mind, especially if the surrounding stores also uses these brackets.

Why Signs Hang

Imagine you own a shop that’s in the middle of the street with several other shops. You have a shop sign, but like everyone else, the sign is either flush against the storefront or it’s in the storefront window. A person passing by would have to take the effort to stop and read your sign to determine who you were. This is fine if someone was seeking you out specifically, but if you were trying to drum up business, having to look for your sign could impede this process.

But with a hanging sign, this particular problem is solved. A sign hung with wall mount sign brackets stands out from the crowd both literally and figuratively. The sign itself hangs away from the building so it can be seen by people as they approach, and it alerts visitors that they are on a street with businesses, so they might pay closer attention to other businesses on the street. And because the brackets are adaptable, a business can craft a sign that would not work on the side of the building. To create an even more unique storefront, 3-D designs, non-traditional shapes and targeted lighting can be implemented into the overall design.

Choose the Bracket That Matches Your Sign

All of our wrought iron brackets are made with only the highest quality materials and come with a powder-coated finish. You won’t have to worry about rust or discoloration of the brackets. We also have several styles of brackets to match your vision. If you like the scroll pattern, our Milano style bracket works great with oval and round signs. If you want a fancier version of the scrolls, our La Costa bracket has a series of different sized scrolls and can accommodate signs of various shapes and sizes. It’s fancy but won’t get in the way of your uber-fancy sign.

Now, if you want to flip the script and craft a plain sign with a more decorative bracket, the Collingswood bracket is a great choice. This bracket is as ornate as they come, with scrolls and flowers on the arch, and cutout flowers on the base. But don’t let the delicate look fool you; this bracket is just as sturdy as the others and can accommodate a variety of square and rectangular signs.

Want a more whimsical-looking bracket that still conjures up an old-world look and feel? The Rancho Santa Fe meets this criteria perfectly. A design that takes the scroll and turns it on its ear (and inside out), the quirky look of this bracket will match even the most unique sign. And like most of our brackets, it can be crafted to meet the needs of several sizes and shapes of signs.

If you prefer a bracket style that is straighter, or you have a larger sign that you need to hang, our Twisted Arm Blade wall mount sign bracket could be exactly what you’re looking for. The base is a twisted blade with a Fleur de Lis finial, and a large scroll running along the top of the blade. The brackets can handle signs up to four feet, so even your biggest sign ideas can be accommodated with this bracket.

So now you’ve got the perfect sign hangers to meet your design needs…what about your current sign? How will it hold up against the new brackets? If you think a new sign is in order, you’re in luck: we also have PVC and aluminum sign blanks that you can purchase to complete your custom sign project. You can create the exact sign that you envision for your business. Not sure of a design idea? Our experts are just a phone call away. We’re ready, willing and able to take your sign ideas and bring them to life! Call us today at 1-888-919-7446.

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